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Popular varieties like cod and salmon are from the deep waters or cold temperatures of the oceans.  With characteristics like firm flesh and omega 3 fatty acids these varieties have long been popular with all cultures and countries.

Alewife Alfonsino Artic Char Arrowtooth Flounder Atlantic Perch Atlantic Salmon Barracouta Beluga Sturgeon Bigeye Tuna Black Oreo Dory Blackback Sole Black Rockfish Blue Cod Bluefish Blue Moki Bluenose Blue Rockfish Bocaccio Brill, New Zealand Brown Rockfish Burbot Canary-eyed Rockfish Chilipepper Rockfish Chilean Sea Bsss China Rockfish Chinook Salmon Chum Salmon Cod Coho Salmon Copper Rockfish Cusk Dory Dogfish Dover Sole English Sole Flounder Fluke Frostfish Gray Herring Gray Sole Grenadier Green Sturgeon Haddock Hackleback Sturgeon Hake Halibut Herring Hoki Kahawai Kennebec Salmon Kingklip Lake Herring Lake Victoria Perch Lemon Sole Lingcod Lookdown Dory Monkfish New Zealand Monkfish New Zealand Sole Orange Roughy Osietr Sturgeon Pacific Hake Pacific Perch Pacific Salmon Petrale Sole Pink Salmon Pollock Quillback Rockfish Red Cod Rex Sole Ribaldo Rock Bass Rockfish Rock Sole Rosefish Sablefish Sand Dab Sand Flounder Salmon Sardines Sauger Pike Scrod Scup Sea Herring Sevruga Sturgeon Skipjack Tuna Smooth Oreo Dory Sockeye Salmon Sprat Starry Flounder Sturgeon Swordfish Turbot Vermilion Rockfish White Sturgeon Whiting Winter Flounder Wolffish Yellowtail Flounder Yellowbelly Flounder Yellowtail Rockfish Yellowtail Kingfish Yellowfin Tuna

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