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Flounder  Yellowtail  limanda ferruginea      

A thinner bodied fish than the winter sole with a good flavor, but the lower yield and thinner fillets make it less desirable.

With a sweet, mild flavor this flounder's meat is tender with a small flake.

The  Yellowtail is found in the Atlantic Coast from Labrador to Virginia and at one time was the largest flat fish fishery in the United States but the Northeast has seen a significant decline in the resource over the past decade.

None of the flounders are related to the English sole, solea vulgarius.  The only reprehensive of the solidae family is the hog choker, but this fish only reached 6 inches in length. So even though the fish has an excellent flavor its size prevents commercial use.  

Quality  Some flatfish like flounder and sole are brined in a solution of tripolyphosphates.  This gives the meat a an opaque white look and the meat becomes limp and flabby.  This process, approved by the US Department of Commerce significantly damages the taste and texture of the flounder.  Make sure to enquire prior to purchase if this processed has been used on the fillets you purchase.

Nematodes also called round worms are sometimes found in flounders and must be inspected for using a technique known as candling,  The nematodes possess no heath risk but rather an esthetic problem for the diner.                   

 Market Forms  Weight in Lbs


Whole, fillets, fresh, or frozen, steak (lean) 1-2 lbs Bake, fried, sautéed, smoked, breaded and fried, deep fat fried, casseroled, poached, steam, chowder


Larger size 40%
Smaller size 33%

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