Pacific Perch

Pacific Perch
Yelloweye Mullet

Perch, Pacific 
Sebastes alutus    Rockfish, Pacific Red Snapper, POP

The Ocean Perch are deepwater rockfish with brightly colored red, pink or orange skin and a sharp gill and dorsal fin. The Pacific Perch is a lean and medium firm fleshed fish that has a fine flake when cooked.  Its taste, when the fat line is removed is delicate, sweet and nutty.  found from the Bering Sea to Southern California the Pacific Perch is available year-round. Approximately 70 ocean perch species, 50 of them found on the West Coast, have been identified and approved by the FDA on its fish list.  California allows several species of red skinned Pacific Perch or Rockfish to be marketed as red snapper, Pacific red snapper even though there is no relation to the prized American Red Snapper (Lutjjanus campechanus) of the Gulf of Mexico. Pacific Perch/Rockfish cannot be legally called snappers when sold in interstate commerce.

 Market Forms Weight in Lbs. Preparation
Whole, fillets, fresh, frozen (lean) 1 to 4, whole
4 to 8 oz., fillets
Broil, fry, bake, sauté

Fillets are often sold with the skin on as they hold together better.  The skin color is an indication of quality, if the skin has faded to a yellow-orange the fish is not fresh.  The Pacific Perch is a member of the Scorpaenidae or Scorpion Fish family.  Even though the dorsal fin does not contain toxin in the concentration of the Scorpion fish if pricked on the hand it will cause a burning sensation and swelling.

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