Atlantic Monkfish

Atlantic Monkfish
New Zealand Monkfish

  Lophius americanus  Anglerfish, Goosefish, Bellyfish, Fishing Frog, Lawyersfish, Lotte (France)

Considered on of the ugliest fish in the ocean, the Monkfish has a very large head, tiny eyes and enormous mouth with very sharp teeth.  This fish received its nickname of angler fish from the dorsal fin that looks like a spike with a piece of meat on it.  The Monkfish uses this fin, waving it back and forth to attract  towards its huge mouth where the prey is sucked in for a meal.

The Monkfish are fund worldwide but are primarily harvested in the North Atlantic from Norway to the Mediterranean and from the Grand Banks to North Carolina in the United States with Maine and Massachusetts being the heaviest producers.

The meat of the monkfish comes from the tail, which is the only part of the fish that is used.  The meat is dense and boneless, tender, flaky white flesh is low in fat, firm in texture, with a sweet taste like that of lobster.  In fact in the early 70's the Monkfish was given the name "Poor Man's Lobster".

A blue to gray membrane surrounds the tail meat and should be removed prior to cooking

 Market Forms  Weight in Lbs.  Preparation
Fresh tails, skinless tails, fillets 
Frozen, skin-on tails, fillets
Fish - up to 45 lbs
Fillets 2 to 4 lbs
Roasted, chowder, pan-fry, broil, poach or steam, grilled

Some imports of monkfish from New Zealand and Taiwan are brought to the U.S. market.  In general these imports are not of the same quality as those landed in the U.S. and Canada.

*Monkfish have no scales, therefore they may not be used for kosher meals

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