Sand Dab

Arrowtooth Flounder
Blackback Sole
Brill, New Zealand
Dover Sole
English Sole
Gray Sole
Lemon Sole
New Zealand Sole
Petrale Sole
Rex Sole
Rock Sole
Sand Dab
Sand Flounder
Starry Flounder
Winter Flounder
Yellowbelly Flounder
Yellowtail Flounder

hippoglossoides platessoides

With a thick layer of flesh free from bones on both the upper and lower sides, the dab is considered an excellent pan fish.  The meat is sweet and not oily, with a distinctive flavor and texture.


 Market Forms  Weight in Lbs  Preparation
Whole, fillets, fresh, or frozen, steak (lean) 1-5, 
Bake, fried, breaded and fried, deep fat fried, casseroled, poached, steam, chowder

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