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Yellowbelly Flounder
Rhombosolea leporina  Japan - Karei, France - Plie a ventre jaune de Nouvelle Zelande, Germany - Flunder, Italy - Passera pianuzza, Spain - Platija

Average size 25-40cm. Graded according to weight from 6 to 22+ ounces. Occurs around New Zealand only; the related and similar greenback
flounder occurs around southern New Zealand and southern Australia. Color variable according to environment but often dark green, blind side yellowish and often with dark spots. Distinguished from sand flounder by color, oval shape and smaller eyes. Less easy to distinguish from greenback which occurs off south-east New Zealand down to 100m but which is only a very small and local resource. The black flounder, distinguishable by its color (grayish with red spots) is also only a very small and localized estuarine resource. Yellowbelly occurs throughout New Zealand coastal waters down to about 50m. Caught mainly by set net in harbors and bays. Available all year. A small resource.

Upper side fillets slightly darker than under side fillets but whiten on cooking. Flesh moist, with delicate texture.

FAMILY: Pleuronectidae (righteye flounders)

RELATED SPECIES:Greenback Flounder: Rhombosolea tapirina, Black Flounder: Rhombosolea retiaria

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