Fin Fish Storage

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Fin Fish Storage


All fin fish must be stored at slightly below freezing temperatures. The optimum temperature is 28-29 F.

Fish-in-the Round

Place in a drainage-equipped pan and surround with ice. The pan must be one that will drain at a rate that at no time will water surround the fish.


If receive in a container equipped to drain all natural juices, after receiving, place the container in a drainage equipped pan and surround with ice.

Handle the filets as little as possible and when necessary wear glove. Remember the more handling the more bacteria that will be introduced and shorten the quality and shelf-life.

With filet received in an unusable container, using gloved hands, place the filets on ice, skin side up with a layer of plastic underneath. Place plastic over the layer and container process. Top layer must be covered with plastic and ice placed over. Ice must completely surround the stored fish.

Plastic bags must be used if sufficient damage is allowed so as a fish is never held in their own juices. Bags must be completely surrounded by ice in a drainage-equipped pan.

Loin Fish Storage

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