wpe19.jpg (14908 bytes)Coconut  The fruit of a tropical tree and ranks among the 10 most useful tree species to mankind. The fruits are eaten raw, or prepared into candies and pastries.  When immature the soft, jelly-like flesh can be eaten with a spoon.  The watery liquids of the green  coconuts and the milky juice of the mature ones are pure, nutritious, cool and refreshing drinks. 

Under the name copra, the dried white part of the ripe fruit is marketed in large quantities to the manufacturers of soap and oil.  The coconut oil is used in the  manufacturing of frying oils and some margarines.  Sizes and weights vary a good deal.

Baby coconuts are called coquitos are cultivated from the Chilean palm. They are sold with out their husk and have a smooth, dark brown brown shell and are the size of an acorn.

Market Forms  Whole coconuts. Coconut meat is packaged flaked, grated and shredded in cans or packages. It is also available moist and canned. Coconut comes sweetened and unsweetened.

Serve  Raw as an appetizer, topping or garnish. Toasted coconut chips can be used as snacks.

Condiments and Complimentary Flavors  Chocolate, chutney, fruits, oranges.

Nutrition  3 1/2 oz. coconut meat = 340 calories

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