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Banana   A native fruit to South East Asia, reference to the banana was first made in the Epics of the Pali Buddhist canon in 500 BC. Bananas were exported to Africa from Indonesia around 1,500 years ago. Consequently, reference to this fruit can be found in the Koran as the Tree of Paradise. Alexander the Great discovered bananas growing in India around 300 B.C.  Word spread quickly after that, via traders who carried the plants to East Africa and Polynesia.

Varieties: fig, yellow and red. Plantains (cooking bananas) are larger, coarser and less sweet fruit of the same species as the banana. They are good when baked, broiled or roasted. Also dried and ground into meal for breads, puddings and as a thickener.

banana_fingerling.jpg (22172 bytes)

Hawaiian Fingerling Banana

Select  Firm bananas. Bananas are unripe when green, and will ripen successfully at home at room temperature. May be refrigerated for several days once they are ripe. Available all year.

Serve   Hot as dessert; broil or fry as an accompaniment with meat dishes and with spicy foods. Cold for cakes, breads, fruit salads, fritters, and chocolate covered and frozen as an ice cream pop.

Calories  1 banana = 80 calories

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