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Avocado  Also called the Butter or Alligator Pear; from trees in California, Florida, Mexico and Central America. Spherical or pear shaped. avocado lovers claim that the use of avocados are limited only by the imagination of the preparer. Many think of the Avocado as a vegetable but it is classified as a tree fruit with a creamy texture that lacks the sweetness of other fruit. The avocado is known mostly as the basic ingredient of a popular Mexican and American dish Guacamole.

Marketing Season:  Fresh avocados are available throughout the year, with varieties making the difference for any given month.

Select  Green to dark mahogany avocadoes with no blemishes and just soft to the touch are for immediate use. Let hard avocados ripen at room temperature; when ripe refrigerate if not used at once. A good avocado will feel heavy for its size, meaning a lot of moisture.

Serve   Raw, as an appetizer, in salads, with salad dressings and stuffed as a luncheon dish. There are also avocado soups and egg dishes featuring this flexible fruit.

One Avocado Half = 180 calories

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