Mango Variety
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Mangoes A fruit of a tropical Asiatic tree; grown commercially in Florida, the West Indies, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

There are many varieties of mangoes, the smallest the size of a plum, the largest over 4 pounds. The quality varies greatly. Mango skin is generally orange-yellow The fruit, itself, is yellow through red and is often black spotted. Mangoes are eaten raw, pickled or in chutneys. To eat, peel and slice neatly or serve as melon, halved with stone removed.

In Jamaica starch is made from the unripe fruit.  

Purchasing  Harvested unripe they ripen easily off the tree.  Look for fruit with reddish-yellow skin that is fairly firm with gentle pressure.  Mangoes smell fruity and fragrant when ready to eat.  Some mangoes turn completely yellow when ripe, but some brown spots are normal.  Avoid very soft, bruised or green mangoes.  

Nutrition  1 medium = 140 calories

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