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White Corn

Corn: A fruit and pod vegetable. The tallest grain grass native to America, used for food, animal fodder and decoration. Next to wheat corn is the grain most used in the United States.    Introduced to Europe soon after the discovery of America.

Every part of the plant can be used the husks for tamales, the silk for medicinal tea, the kernels for food, and the stalks for livestock feed.

Also serves as the foundation of many by products including bourbon, corn flour, cornmeal, corn oil, cornstarch, corn syrup, etc. 

Blue Corn

A corn kernel consists of three parts . The center is the starchy core called the endosperm.  Next is the embryo/germ, which is composed of up to 50% oil.  The outside of the kernel is the hull or bran

White and yellow meal and flour are made from corn. It is made  by grinding the kernels.

Cornstarch is a highly refined and pulverized starch made from corn kernels, used to thicken liquids and to lighten pastry when mixed with flour. (one part corn starch to four parts flour)

Corn oil is also derived from corn. 

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Indian Corn

Indian corn and maize are identical.

Corn Sprouts are becoming popular as a side dish, soup garnish or oven dried and ground as an alternative to corn meal.

Select    Well-filled ears with plump, sweet, milky kernels. Kernels should be firm but not tough. Husks should be fresh and green. Refrigerate and use as soon as possible. Peak of season is July and August.

Serve Hot, on the cob, as a vegetable course.

Hot, cut, as a vegetable course or combined for casseroles, fritters, puddings, soufflés, pancakes, soups, chowders, dry, for popping.

Cold, cooked, cut, as a salad, relish or pickle.

Complimentary Condiments and Flavors  Butter, lima beans, paprika, green peppers, bacon, tomato sauce.

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