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Kohlrabi  Often confused with a root vegetable, the bulb shape is actually a swollen stem therefore it is a leaf and bud vegetable. Also known as cabbage turnip. It is a hybrid member of the cabbage or brassica family. It is also a cousin of the cauliflower and the broccoli. Although it is a root vegetable the root grows above the ground. The root as well as the stems and leaves are used; it is best when quite young. The globes are best steamed without peeling, but if the vegetable is not young and fresh, which often happens, it should be peeled before cooking.   This is most easily done by inserting a knife under the tough fiber at the base of the globe stripping off the skin. To prepare, the root is boiled; because it requires a longer boiling time, the leaves are added during the last few minutes of cooking. Boil sliced 20 to 25 minutes, add leaves after 15 minutes. Kohlrabi goes well with butter, cream, parsley, chives, lemon and garlic.

Yield:       1 lb, with stems = 4 medium bulbs
                 2 lbs. trimmed cooked = about 4 servings
                 1 lb. kohlrabi bulb = 1 serving

Nutrition:    1 bulb = 25 calories                                        

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