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White And Red Spineless Okra

Okra    A fruit and pod vegetable okra has been part of the cuisine of Egypt, Africa, and Arabia along with the Mediterranean countries for hundreds of years.  It was brought to America both by the French settlers and the slaves, who settled in the Southern United States, particularly Louisiana. A Hybiscus fruit, also known as gumbo (both names of African origin), a member of the mallow family. An edible seed and fruit. Okra is a natural thickening agent, and serves that function in gumbos, soups, stews, and Creole dishes. There are ridged and smooth varieties. Okra is also dipped in corn meal and fried. When boiled a mucus texture is generated that many people find as objectionable.   Pastiness will not occur if the whole pods are not broken or subjected to long periods of cooking.  Copper, brass, iron, or tin lined pans will cause the okra to discolor and become unappetizing, but no harm takes place other than appearance.  Central African origin.             

Select  Medium-sized, tender and fresh pods. Store whole, a maximum of 5 days. Use immediately after cooking to prevent okra's typical "sliminess" from forming. Peak month in July.

Serve Hot,    as a vegetable with poultry or ham. Okra is used extensively in stews, gumbos and casseroles and all Creole cooking.

Cold, cooked, as a salad with French dressing.

Complimenting Condiments and Flavors   Ham, Bacon, chicken, tomatoes, onion, corn, file' powder, basil, thyme, almonds, ginger.

Nutrition  4 oz. = 35 calories

1 pound serves 4 persons
1 lb. = 3 1/2 cups slice

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