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Most of us are familiar with the mung bean sprout that is used extensively in Chinese and Asian Cuisine.  If you have tried these spouts which are among the easiest to produce, you probably remember thinking that they didn't have much or any flavor.

Most seeds produce sprouts that have unique and sometimes bold flavors.  It is great to experiment with sprouts but keep one thing in mind.  Sprouts from plants like tomatoes or potatoes that are members of the night shade family are highly poisonous and must never be used.

Wheat and rice sprouts on the other hand have a nutty sweet flavor, alfalfa, rye and clover sprouts have a fresh green taste and mustard and radish spouts have a peppery taste.

Sprouts may be eaten raw when they have their highest nutritional value or streamed , sautéed, or toasted to add flavor to main or side dishes for unique textures to salads and cold dishes.

Adzuki Sprout Alfalfa Sprout Almond Sprout Barley Sprout Bean Sprout Broccoli Sprout Buckwheat Sprout Cabbage Sprout Chia Sprout Chick Pea Sprout Clover Sprout Corn Sprout Cress Sprout Fenugreek Sprout Flax Sprout Lentil Sprout Millet Sprout Mung Bean Sprout Oat Sprout Onion Sprout Pea Sprout Pumpkin Sprout Radish Sprout Rice Sprout Rye Sprout Sesame Sprout Soybean Sprout Sunflower Sprout Triticle Sprout Wheat Sprout