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Split Peas Essence with Pea  Flour Ravioli and Ham Mousse

A root and pod vegetable. Dried peas, originally from China (see Dried Vegetables).

Select   Young, tender, sweet peas. Pods should have a fresh appearance and be light green in color. Avoid puffed or swollen pods which may indicate tough peas. Store uncovered in the pod in refrigerator no more than 1 to 2 days. Least available September through December.

Serve Hot, as a vegetable with meats, poultry or fish; as a separate vegetable course; or in soups and sauces

Cold, boiled peas for salads. Pea Sprouts also may be used in salads or as a garnish to main dishes and soups.

Complimenting Condiments and Flavors   Carrots, onions, mint, lamb, ham, butter sauce, mushrooms.

1/2 pound, in pod, serves 1
1 pound of peas in pod yields 1 cup shelled pea

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