Portion & Weights

Fresh, succulent husks with good green color, silk ends are free from decay or worm injury and stem ends are not discolored of dried.  Ears should be well covered with plump, not too mature kernels and not too dark yellow kernels or very white kernels.  Avoid Ears with yellowed dry husks and dry stem ends. If possible request and make sure the corn has been rapidly cooled after harvest to sugar content.

Corn stored 1 day at 86 degrees, looses 50% of its total sugar

Corn Stored 1 day at 50 degrees, looses 17% of its total sugar


U.S. Fancy  ears of green corn, similar in characteristics, well trimmed, well developed, free from smut decay, discoloration, and mechanical damage  Cobs shall be fairly well filled, with lump and milky kernels, and well covered with fresh husks. the length shall not be less than 6 inches.

U.S.1.,  ears green in color and well trimmed. well developed, and free from decay, rust and damage from worms, insects, discoloration, birds, or mechanical means. Milky kernels, fairly well covered, fresh husk. Ear to be not less than 5 in.

U.S.2.,  Same as above but ears may not be less than 4 in.

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