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Allium Tricoccum  Wild Leek

Part of the diet of the American Indian and plentiful throughout the mid west, it is thought that Chicago got its name from the Indian word Checagou, a word that describes the pungent aroma of the ramp.

Ramps are most plentiful from March to early April, and its habitat which consists of the soil of moist woodlands, which possess a lot of decaying leaves and ranges from the Quebec to South Georgia.

The ramp has broad, dark green leaves that run into a slender bulb. though called wild leeks, the leek is very mild in comparison.  In fact the ramp is the most pungent of the onion family, and great care must be used in its service as some people find the taste and aroma too strong. 

Usually served cooked, as they are too strong to serve raw.  There popularity in the Northeast United States is demonstrated by the festivals that are held in early spring as the foraging season begins. 

Storage Will keep for a week under refrigeration

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