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There are 4 basic trading grades for fresh tomatoes, U.S.No.1, U.S. Combination, U.S.No2, and U.S.No.3.

U.S.No.1 consists of tomatoes of similar varietals characteristics which are mature but not over-ripe or soft, which are well developed, clean, fairly well formed, fairly well smooth, which are free from decay, sunscald, freezing injury, and free from damage caused by bruising, cuts, and broken skin, internal discoloration, sunburn, puffiness, catfaces, other scars, growth cracks, hail, insects, disease, or by mechanical means.

U.S. Combination, a combination of U.S.No.1 and U.S.No.2 tomatoes where at least 60 percent, by count, meet the requirements o the U.S.No.1 grade.

Unclassified not a grade, but means only that no grade has been applied 

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