Areolate Grouper
Argus Grouper
Black Grouper
Broomtail Grouper
Comb Grouper
Green Grouper
Indian Grouper
Nassau Grouper
Red Grouper
Red Hind
Rock Hind
Speckled Hind
Warsaw Grouper
Yellowmouth Grouper

The Red and the Black Grouper are the most commonly sold, with the Black considered the more desirable.  Groupers are characterized by heavy bodies, big heads and large mouths.

Grouper are found in warmer waters, and many range in size from two to four pounds. There are some varieties, such as the jew fish found in the Gulf of Mexico or South America, which can weigh as much as 700 pounds. The larger grouper have a coarser texture, so most of the commercial catch are 50 pounds and smaller.

Common grouper, such as the Nassau, black and red grouper are the most popular. The red grouper is the most sought after. The flesh of the grouper closely resembles that of the snapper. The flesh of the snapper and grouper are good for all types of preparations from steaming to barbecuing, which attests to their popularity.

Market Forms Weight in Lbs. Preparation
Steaks, fillets, whole, drawn, dressed (lean)  5-12 Poach, fry, sauté, pan smoke, bake, chowder, steam

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