Blacktail Snapper
Cubera Snapper
Dog Snapper
Gray Snapper
John's Snapper
Lane Sanpper
Malabar Blood
Mutton Snapper
Red Emperor Snapper
Red Snapper
Ruby Snapper
Russel's Snapper
Schoolmaster Snapper
Silk Snapper
Silver Mouth Snapper
Vermilion Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper

There are 5 main species of Snappers but the Red Snapper is the most popular and sought after. 

The Snapper is a warmer water fish, which gets its name from the energetic way it shuts its mouth, and is highly sought after. Red snapper, in particular, is at the top of the popularity list.

Snappers range from Long Island to Brazil, but the Gulf of Mexico is where the highest quality American Snappers are caught. The heaviest domestic landings occur in Florida during the summer months.

 Market Forms Preparation
Whole, drawn; dressed and fillets  (lean) Bake, broil, boil, steam, sauté

Snappers are a reef fish so the possibility of ciguatera poisoning exists.  Ciguatera is an area specific toxin not  species specific.  It is caused by the reef fish eating the flesh of a toxic fish that inhabits tropical waters.  The incidence of poisoning are low but care should be taken not to purchase fish landed in known hot spots.

Red Snapper Size Weight
Small Under 4 lbs
Large  Over 4 lbs.
Most run between 2 to 30 lbs with 5 lbs. are average.


Other Species Average Size
Gray Snapper 1/2-5 lbs
Mutton Snapper 3 lb.
Yellowtail 1 lb.
Schoolmaster Less than 1 lb


Purchased Size
Whole, Round 5-8 lbs.
Drawn 4-6 lbs.
Dressed 3 1/2 - 6 1/2 lbs
Fillets 2 1/2 - 4 lbs

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