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Mahi Mahi
  Coryphaena hippurus   Dolphinfish, Dorado (Latin America)

Associated with Hawaii, Mahi Mahi is found in tropical and sub tropical waters around the globe.  The Mahi is considered to be on of the top 10 eating finfish in the United States. The meat should be pink to light beige and the skin smooth and bright colored.  Mahi has a sweet mildly pronounced flavored. Darker portions of the flesh can be trimmed away for milder flavor. The flesh of the Mahi is tender and firm and sometimes slightly dry, with large moist flakes.  The meat is lean and white when cooked. Clipper is the term used for the highest quality Mahi Mahi. Most Clippers however are caught and frozen at sea.

The Mahi Mahi can range in weight from 5 to 40 pounds with the market average being 5 to 15 pounds, those 15 pounds or more have a better taste.  The firm-textured, dark meat of mahi-mahi turns white and opaque when cooked. It is a moderately fatty fish with a strong, pleasant flavor. The skin is tough and usually removed before cooking.

Preparation: The firm steaks and fillets broil, grill, and pan-sear very nicely. They can also be cubed and added to soups and stews.

A strong- but not particularly full-flavored fish, mahi-mahi benefits from bold spices and vibrant sauces.

 Market Forms  Weight in Lbs  Preparation
Whole, fillets, fresh, or frozen, steak (lean) 5-40 lbs. Bake, sautéed, breaded and fried, smoked, and steamed

Poorly handled Mahi Mahi can produce a histamine poisoning, also called scombroid poisoning, therefore the fish must remain iced at all times.

For the best quality meat, the tails must be cut off at sea to allow the fish to bleed before being iced.

*NOTE: This fish is not related to the dolphin (a mammal) or in any way to the porpoise family.

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