Large Flatfish


The flavor of these fish is succulent, with a firm white flesh. When cooked they are tender and moist. Turbot, brill, halibut and John Dory are in this class. The Pacific halibut are considered to have the best flavor, being both milder and drier in flavor than the turbot. Greenland and California halibut have a softer texture and less flavor. They are considered to be inferior to the Atlantic and Pacific varieties. The John Dory is not a flatfish in the true sense, but has a compressed body. It is handled and cooked in the same manner as the other fish in this grouping.

All of the fish in this group are high in gelatin with prominent bones. They make excellent stock. The large turbot, brill and halibut are usually cut into steaks. Large halibut and John Dory may be cut into four fillets that are called loins. A 3-5 pound rectangular loin section is called a fletch.

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