Bony Fish

Pacific Perch
Yelloweye Mullet

The gurnard (seardion) , scorpion fish and rockfish offer little in the way of meat. They have large heads and a prominent bone structure. They are valued for making stocks, soups and sauces. Gurnard is prominent in this grouping. The red gurnard or sea robin is the most desired of the gurnard family. It is sometimes passed for the red mullet, though the flesh is drier and not of the same quality.

Rockfish are a large family of fish whose flesh varies from firm to soft. It is sometimes passed off as snapper, but the flesh is inferior and sometimes hard to handle. The Pacific ocean perch and yellowtail rockfish are in this family.

All fish in this grouping must be gutted and washed thoroughly before cooking. They require a great deal of help from herbs and vegetables to add flavor. However, for the most part, they do come into their own in soups and stocks.

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