Thin Bodied Fish

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Jacks, including pompano and sea bream, are fish which have oval bodies and a characteristic "Y" tail. These fish are found in tropical waters around the world. The meat of pompano and sea bream is firm, with a white to pink color, and full flavor; however, bream has a lighter fragrance and taste.

Horse mackerel or scrad, despite the name, is also a jack. However, it resembles the mackerel and has less flavor. The yellow tail and amberjack are also used by restaurants. The yellow tail may be used for sashimi, but the amberjack is very susceptible to parasites and should never be eaten raw.

Sea bream are sold under many names. Striped sheepshead, pomfret, or Ray's bream are familiar to most chefs. They are normally cooked whole on the bone, due to their compressed body structure

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