Long Bodied Fish

Conger Eel

The primary fish in this group is the eel. Those caught commercially are caught in two stages: The elvers, or small immature eel, and the fully grown eel, which are caught when the eels return to the sea to spawn. They are sold live and are best eaten when mature enough to be fatty.

The common eel grows to a length of about one yard and its meat is very firm, slightly oily and has a subtle flavor. The conger eel, sold mostly in Europe, is larger than the common eel. The meat is considerably less palatable. The moray and sand eel often have a muddy taste. Lampreys look like eels, but are cartilaginous.

Eels are a gelatinous fish. When pounded and allowed to cool they will cut to a savory jelly. All these fish may be boned, and the long meaty fillets are often broiled. The gar in this family has a lighter meat and may be poached or sautéed. Steaks from the eels are also used in soups and stews.

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