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Blood Orange 

From South China. A Citrus fruit.  Crusaders touring the middle east discovered a tangy, bright orange fruit whose popularity spread to Spain, the rest of Europe, and, through Columbus, to the New World.

Select   Oranges of good color, unblemished and symmetrical. Store at room temperature. Refrigerate before serving if desired. Keep sectioned oranges and orange juice refrigerated. Available all year.

Tangelo Orange

Market Forms   Fresh whole or juice; canned and jarred sections; canned and frozen and bottled juices; sections and slices, marmalades, in fruit salads.   Other market forms include, candied peel, bottlers base for soft drinks, orange puree for baked goods, wine, bitters, flavoring extracts, oils, pectin, citric acid, vinegar, and industrial alcohol

Serve  Fresh, as a fruit, as a juice, for beverages, fruit cocktails, salads, sliced as a garnish, especially with ham and duck; fruit soups, sherbet and cakes.

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