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 1 dozen medium lemons weight about 1pound.

1 lemon will yield from 3-4 tablespoons juice and about 1 teaspoon grated rind.

 A tropical fruit and member of the citrus family.

Select  Firm lemons of good yellow color and with unblemished skins.

Market Forms  Fresh; bottled and frozen juice; canned, bottled and cartoned lemonade, fresh and frozen. Oil cold pressed from the fruit, is used in flavoring for cooking and in bakery products.   Distilled lemon oils are used in soaps, cleaners, and furniture, shoe and floor polish

Serve  Grated rind, in sauces, marmalade, pies, desserts, drinks, garnishes. Lemon juice is used on fish or scallops, as a vinegar substitute, in sherbets, in cakes.  Lemon juice is an antioxidant, when used on apples, bananas and pears will keep them from turning brown.

Condiments and Complimenting Flavors Fish, lamb, scallops, butter, veal, poultry, sugar, vegetables, tarragon, oregano, oil.

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