Cinnamon History

Cinnamomum  C. cassia

Origin  Malaya

Part Used  Dried Bark

From the inner skin of the tree bark of the evergreen, cinnamon tree, it may take 20 to  thirty years of growth before the cinnamon can be harvested from the tree. Modern Cinnamon Plantation techniques offer a quicker solution.  When the planted trees reach a height of abut 8 feet the tops are cut off forcing many side branches to grow.  When they are about three year old the branches are large enough and are harvested. Workers then make vertical cuts down the entire length of the branch and peel the outer bark off which is dried separately from the inner bark that contains much more flavor.

This spice is popular in sweets, desserts, and baked goods.  Almost all the cinnamon sold on the U.S. market is of the cassia variety (the spice trade refers to it as cassia) which is native to Southeast Asia, especially southern China and northern Vietnam, and has the strong, spicy-sweet flavor, reddish brown color and sweet aroma is what Americans have come to desire in cinnamon. Vietnamese and Chinese cassia are the sweetest and strongest varieties, with Korintje cassia having a smooth flavor with less bite. Our cinnamon sticks and Korintje cinnamon both come from the southwest coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. It grows wild on the government-protected slopes of Mount Kerinci, where the cinnamon gets its name.   

Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Ceylon Cinnamon) from the Seychelles and Sri Lanka, has a more buff color and milder flavor.  Cinnamon is an essential ingredient in Curry Spice Blends, Chinese Spice Blends and the Europeans use it in puddings and stuffing's.  This spice marries well with apples and chocolate.

Available  Sticks and Ground

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