Ocimum basilicum

One of the most popular herbs in America, basil was virtually unknown outside of Southern Europe 30 years ago.  Basil adds a sharp sweet flavor to many Italian and Thai dishes. Known as a tomato's best friend, it is also delicious on chicken, fish, pasta, stew, salads and vegetables.

Basil should be added in the last 10 minutes of cooking as heat will dissipate its sweet, rich flavor. California Basil is a little stronger than the French, due mainly to better dehydration technology, though the French basil has a bit of anise flavor many people enjoy.

Name   Origin  Type of Plant  General Uses   Use in or with Market Form 
Basil  Tropical Asia  Annual bush Vinegar flavoring garnish, Italian recipes Stews, tomatoes, fish, soup, cheese, stuffing Fresh, Dried
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Opal Basil Basil Leaf Siam Basil Thai Basil

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