Hachiya Variety
Flavor Compliment
Persimmon Quality


first harvested in Asia,  was nicknamed the apple of the orient

The edible fruit of a tree is cultivated in southern United States, Japan, China and the Mediterranean region. Persimmons are a small fruit, full of seeds ( the oriental Hachiya, often found in the market is almost seedless), and soft and pulpy when ripe. Select ones with unblemished skin and attached stem cap. They are eaten raw as a fruit, in custards, sherbet and other desserts.

Purchasing  Persimmons should be smooth, with brilliant orange skin and no breaks, cracks or spots. Buy soft fruit if you are going to use immediately.  Remember that the outer skin reaches its color before the fruit is ripe and unripe fruit has an extremely astringent flavor however there are sweet varieties that may be eaten while hard but you must pay close attention to the varietal characteristics.

Storage  Store ripe fruit in the refrigerator as soon as possible, allow unripe fruit to stand at room temperature up to a week.  Persimmons may also be frozen

Nutrition   3 1/2 oz. of pulp = 75 to 120 calories

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