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Native to the United States.  Rhubarb is actually a leaf stalk (the leaf can be poisonous containing oxalic acid)  but is eaten as a fruit product.  In the stalk oxalic acid is present in smaller amounts and largely in insoluble form, it is there for harmless.  Rhubarb is used as a fruit because of its high acidity and flavor.   There are two types of Rhubarb.  Hot house rhubarb, also called strawberry rhubarb because of the pinkish hue of its stalks, is sweeter, smaller and less stringy than field rhubarb.

Field Rhubarb, also called cherry rhubarb fir the dark red color of its stalks, has a more pronounced rhubarb flavor and commands higher prices.

Choose rhubarb that is firm, with good color for its type and no blemishes or flabbiness.  If attached to the leaves (which are toxic) the leaves should be fresh and green in appearance.

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