Grapes were part of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and were celebrated in what is claimed to be the worlds first recipe book, of Culinary Matters by Roman culinary expert Marcus Gavius Apicus.  Grapes continue to be popular with home cooks and professional chefs alike because of their complimenting flavors and ease of preparation.  Spanish Mission Fathers transplanted grape vines to California, which flourished commercially by 1860.  Today California provides nearly all of the eating grapes enjoyed in the United States, though grapes grown for the wine industry account for 80% of the total crop.  Crops grown in Mexico and Chili make it possible to enjoy fresh grapes all year.

wpe3C.jpg (18421 bytes)Select   Plump grapes with a bloom; the stems should not be brittle. Ripe grapes are highly perishable and should be refrigerated.

Market Forms   Fresh; in jellies; grape juices in cans and bottles; and fermented as wines and vinegars.


Serve   Cold as a fruit, in salads, as decorations, or frosted; in all "Veronique" dishes. Hot or cooked in stuffing, sauces, with liver and ham, in jellies, juices.

Complimentary Condiments and Flavors   Sole, poultry, fruit salads, cantaloupe.

Nutrition  1/2 cup grapes = 55 calories

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