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Apples   The most popular fruit in America, the apple is mentioned in the Bible. Cultivated in Europe for over 2,000 years. There are more than 7000 thousand of different kinds of apples. Among them are: Baldwin, Jonathan, McIntosh, Northern Spy, Stayman, Winesap (all-purpose apples), Newton Pippin and Golden and Red Delicious (eating apples), Cortlands and Rome Beauties (baking apples), Crab apples ( also called lady apples) are descendants of early forms of today's cultivated apples. They are used for decorations and garnishes and are traditionally placed in the suckling pig's mouth before it is served. Crab apples are almost inedible raw, but make excellent preserves, jellies and marmalade. Spiced crab apples are available in jars as a meat accompaniment. Apples are available nationwide throughout the year with the harvest movement September through March. October is the peak month as both fall and winter varieties become available then. Most apples marketed from November through June are from refrigerated storage. Some apples require a storage period to reach prime quality.

Calories   1 medium-sized apple yields about 90 calories

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