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  Of Asia, Africa, Middle East and India origin.

Select  Fragrant melons, heavy for their size; watermelons should have a tender skin and sound hollow when thumped. The scar end of melon should be slightly sunken and well calloused. Melons should be symmetrical. Ripen and store melons at room temperature, and refrigerate before serving.  

Storage  If slightly unripe keep the melon at room temperature for one or two days.  Refrigerate ripe melons, cover cut  melons and refrigerate.

Serve By itself, in fruit cocktails, as spiced melons, and melon-rind pickles.

Complimenting Condiments and Flavor  Fruit salads, smoked ham, salami, crabmeat, shrimp, port wine, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, mint, grapes, water ices, chutney. Often serves with sugar, salt, and lemon or lime juice.

Nutrition  1 cup = 50 calories

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