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Humans probably started raising pigs for food as early as the Mesolithic period. Most widely eaten meat in the world today Domesticated pig probably a descendent of the wild boar although scholars only consider them "cousins"
Before refrigeration, most pork was salted or otherwise preserved (brined, smoked, cured) for longer keeping; today only 1/3 of pork meat is sold fresh
Lost Flavors:
Often ancient foodstuffs which are returning to favor as understanding spreads about there uses and benefits
Reasons are sometimes health related, other times purely flavor, more and more possible to find these in regular markets
Heirloom vegetables --often have qualities which don't hold up well to mass cultivation (stronger hybrids are favored.) but are wonderful and flavorful- seeds for heirloom varieties are being saved and passed on through home gardeners and certain seed companies eager to keep different strains alive

Brought to New World Discovered in New World Chocolate Corn Crab Eggs Finfish Chilies Ginger Lamb Mushroom One Pot Cooking Pasta Noodles Pork Potato Rice Salad Shellfish Smoking Spice Blends Tomato Vegetarian Wraps.

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