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Game meat traditionally is from animals that are hunted in the wild but if purchased in a store is usually farmed raised. 

Wild Game is prized in the culinary world because of the richness of flavor compared to domestic meat products. It's lower fat and calorie content has brought these products to the for-front of many modern menus.  These benefits are also considered by many as games weaknesses because if not properly handled and prepared the flavor is easily lost and dryness and toughness takes its place.  Therefore game can not be looked at in the same light as domestic meat but as its own category with care and preparation needs.  Proper field dressing, butchering, aging, and handling is essential to the final products quality.

This site is divided into Big Game which include deer moose, elk and larger mammals, Small Game such as rabbit or squirrel, Game Birds, and Exotic Game. Each category has its own requirements and outcomes.

Big Game Small Game Game Birds Hanging Game

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