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Strive for something relatively short.

yourself from using too many adverbs and adjectives, example: Fresh Rainbow Trout Lovingly Grilled to Perfection.


Be descriptive, peoples names such as Ettie Jane's Cobbler don't tell us much about a dish. If you want to pay homage to Ettie Jane, use the name as you would use a foreign language

Foreign languages should be avoided or translated. This is to make the customer more comfortable. If you want to use foreign language, write the menu in the other language, then translate. example: Truite Amandine: Sautéed Trout with a Toasted Almond Butter Sauce. This gives the customer the option of ordering in French or in English and assures them that they know exactly what they are ordering.

Foreign languages should not be mixed. If you have a French menu it should not include bruschetta. Also, you should not mix English with other language for example, Chicken a l'Estragon. Tarragon Chicken would be better.

Classic terms and garniture should be avoided. You are learning these terms to give you a jargon with which to communicate specific information. They are not particularly suited to menu writing. For example, Tourneed Potatoes. We know that this means turned potatoes, but the term is non descriptive. Are the potatoes boiled? Steamed? Parslied? This is a term you would use in instructing a line cook about the specific shapes that you want the potatoes to be on the plate, not as enticement to a customer.

Formality   Often, a menu is a formal affair especially in catering events. This means we should usually avoid overly casual words such as 'shrooms for mushrooms. Match the menu's formality to the occasion, theme or guest demographic.

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