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Raddico, Bean, Inoki Salad

In recent years salads have taken on a more important role in the modern kitchen. This has been due to the increase in health awareness along with a larger variety of quality fresh produce being supplied across the country.  Salads now have a n important place on the menu as entrées and chefs continue not only to search out new varieties of fruit and vegetables but have begun to look back to those heirloom varieties that have not been readily available for sometime.

It is important when making salads to understand the quality of ingredients being used.  The fresher the ingredients the more careful one has to be, not to cover up the nuances of those fresh ingredients. In some parts of the country it is difficult to obtain such ingredients on a regular bases and in these cases understanding how to bring out the best of what the product has to offer is paramount.

Salads should be simple and fresh in presentation and flavor.  They should be well thought out , and balanced in texture and nutritional content.  

pickled_onion.jpg (19045 bytes)To put it in simple terms:

bulletFresh ingredients
bulletProper and balanced textures
bulletAttractive presentation
bulletBalance of flavors 

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