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Kitchen Sanitation:
Keeping your kitchen area neat and sanitary is a job that every food service worker should be aware.  Proper sanitation will reduce the risk of food borne illness, pests and expensive clean-ups or repairs. It also induces a professional and satisfying working and dining environment.
1. Insure that your work area is kept neat and free of visible debris as you work.
2. You should properly clean and sanitize your tools, table and cutting board before and after you prepare any raw foods, paying particular attention to high protein foods.
3. Keep your floors neat and free of visible debris throughout the day. If there are any spills, they should be mopped up as soon as possible.
4. As you remove items from storage, make sure that its area is kept clean and free of any debris or moisture
5. Keep any dirty preparation dishes, pots, pans or utensils at the proper dishwashing station.
6. Keep any unused food items stored and away from the food preparation areas if they are not going to used immediately. Spices and other common items should be returned as well in order to avoid clutter and benefit the other workers in the kitchen as well.
7. Regularly clean the common items, such as can openers, sinks, shelves, stove tops and storage areas as time allows.
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