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The following are guidelines set up by the National Restaurant Association:

Quantity should be accurately represented. A 10 oz steak must weigh at least 9.5 oz before cooling.

Quality or grade must be accurately represented. An example of this is in the grades of meats. If you state a steak is prime grade, it cannot be choice or select. Prime rib however, indicates a cut of meat rather than a grade.

Brand Names when listed must be used For example: Heinz ketchup or Dijon mustard

House made means made in house of manufactured outside to your specifications.

Substitutions must be stated. For example, maple flavored Syrup or blue cheese for Roquefort.

Points of Origin must be accurate. For example Gulf white shrimp or Florida orange juice. An exception to this might be french toast or German potato salad.

Merchandising Terms: Exaggerations may be used if they are not misleading. For example, mile high apple pie is ok but a foot long hot dog better be 12 inches long.

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