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Stocks are the backbone of western cuisine from which much of the kitchen depends. The preparation of the stocks, soups and especially the sauces, are often reserved for the most experienced and talented members of the brigade.  

A sauce that is off or incorrectly prepared can turn an expensive piece of seafood or meat into a mediocre meal .  A sauce prepared with care and near perfection can take a meal to the next level, creating a standard by which a guest will judge all others. 

The same importance is given to the soup course.  Remember, the soup is served at or near the beginning of the meal, setting a tone for the quality of the course or courses to come.

Read with care the preparation of Soups, Stocks and Sauces, as how well you are able to produce these in high quality may determine the extent of your reputation in the future.  

If you take anything away from your research it should be that perfection in this area requires skill,. knowledge and most of all patience.

Stocks Soups Thickeners Sauces Compound Butters.


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