Pacific Perch
Yelloweye Mullet

Mugilidae  White Sucker, Red fin, Biloxi Bacon, Black Mullet, Jumping Mullet, Lisa, Buffalo Fish Mullet, New Zealand- Striped Mullet, Japan - Mora, France - Mulet, Germany - Meerasche, Greece - Kephalos, Italy - Cefalo, Spain - Pardete, USSR - Loban, Saudi Arabia - Maid (small) Biah (large0

Mullet resemble trout with a color closer to that of bass, and range from gray to spotted or striped. Though having a reputation of being bony, the flesh of this fish is fine, moderately firm texture, mild and a rich nutty taste due to its high oil content. Red mullet, usually found in the Mediterranean, is brilliant red and related to the American goatfish. This small fish is usually cooked whole, skin on, with its entrails, giving it a desired gamey flavor. .

Mullet has long been popular in the United States, especially the South.  Sometime a muddy flavor can be discerned , but this is often due to the dark fatty lateral strip not having been removed.

Mullet are found worldwide in salt and fresh water with over 100 species caught, Striped being the most popular in the United States.

Flesh pinkish grey, medium firm, with seasonally high fat content. The roe is considered a delicacy. Makes excellent smoked product and is suitable for all cooking methods.

Mullet are available year round with the best production lasting from May to December.  The Florida Gulf Coast supplies 3/4ths of the U.S. supply.

 Market Form

 Weight Lbs.

 Cooking Method
Whole, drawn, fillet, roe (medium fat)


Bake, pan-fry, broil, smoke, deep fry, stew

Due to its oil content this fish's quality deteriorates rapidly and must be used quickly even if frozen.

Fresh water mullet are subject to parasites so cooking to 140 degrees or freezing for 24 hours at 0 degrees is recommended.

* Rouget  known in the French Cuisine as Red Mullet is not a true mullet

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