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POPCORN/SNACK SALT: This is a very fine grain salt. It is meant to cling to the oils or butter used in cooking or applied after the popcorn has been popped. When tasting this salt alone, the flavor is concentrated on the top center-forward of the tongue, and the flavor dissipates quickly. This allows much more salt to be used on the popcorn or a snack, without having a cumulative effect bite after bite. Instead this salt seems to leave a clean taste in the mouth.. Because the salt grains are so fine, this popcorn salt usually contains Tricalcium Phosphate which is an anti-caking additive. Tricalcium Phosphate gives this salt a bitter or off flavor at the finish. It is not recommended for cooking since its off flavor will not enhance your food, but is great for dead dough. This salt dissolves quickly due to the small size of the grains, but leaves a cloudy residue in clear water from the additives.

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