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The Chinese invented soy sauce more than 2000 years ago and distinguished them by separating them into two categories, light and dark. Soy brings a strong dose of umami known as the fifth taste characterized as a savory and meaty flavor to dishes.

Dark soy sauce is aged longer and incorporates molasses. Dark soy is used on heartier dishes, especially red meat, while light sauces are best with vegetables and seafood.

Japanese soy sauce is more widely available in this country than Chinese soy sauce and is lighter, sweeter and less salty than the Chinese version. There are also low sodium soy sauces available on the market today.

Tamari is generally thought to be a Japanese soy sauce without any wheat.  In fact some Tamari dos contain wheat so read the label. Tamari is darker and stronger than other Japanese soy sauces.

How It Is Made

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