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Bottle Size Table For Wine
Bottle Name Fluid Ounces Milliliters Description
Champagne Split 6.4 187  
Pony   187-.200 Milliliters  
Half (a 10th) 12.7 375 One half of the standard bottle size. Also known as a "split" or a "tenth".
Standard (a fifth) 25.36 750  
Liter 33.8 1000  
Magnum 50.7 1500 Two standard bottles in one
Double Magnum 101.4 3000 Equivalent of 4 standard bottles
Jeroboam 152.1 4500-5000 Two sizes: or Rheoboam for sparkling wine Jeroboam (3.0 Liters) is equal to 4 standard bottles; Still wine Jeroboam (4.5) equivalent to 6 standard bottles. You can, sometimes, find a 5.0 liter Jeroboam
Imperial 202.8 6000 8 standard bottles; traditionally bottled in a Bordeaux-shaped bottle; or, Methusalem for Champagne
Methuselah 202.8 6000 Used for sparkling wine in Burgundy-shaped bottle; same size as the Imperial
Salmanazar 304.2 9000 12 standard bottles, 1 case
Balthazar 405.6 12000 15 bottles of wine; usually for sparkling wines
Nebuchadnezzar 507 15000

20 standard bottles of wine, used mostly for sparkling wine

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