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  Concentrated milk is the liquid food obtained by partial removal of water from milk. The milkfat and total milk solids contents of the food are not less than 7.5 and 25.5 percent, respectively. It is pasteurized, but is not processed by heat so as to prevent spoilage. It may be homogenized. If added, vitamin D shall be present in such quantity that each fluid ounce of the food contains 25 International Units thereof, within limits of good manufacturing practice.

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS. Safe and suitable carriers may be used
for vitamin D. The name of the food is "concentrated milk" or, alternatively, "condensed milk." If the food contains added vitamin D, the phrase "vitamin D" or "vitamin D added" shall accompany the name of the food wherever it appears on the principal display panel or panels of the label, in letters not less than one-half the height of the letters used in such name. The word "homogenized" may appear on the label, if the food has been homogenized. When used in the food, the optional ingredients specified shall be declared on the label.

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