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  Milk is the lacteal secretion, practically free from colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows. In different parts of the world, the milk of various species of animals is used for food. In the United States, however, the cow furnishes virtually all of the available market milk.

Milk is relied upon as an important source of many of the nutrients known to be necessary for proper development and maintenance of the human body. Maximum retention of these nutrients must be assured as milk is stored, processed, transported, and distributed in its many different forms.

Milk that is in final package form for beverage use shall have been pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized, and shall contain not less than 8-1/4 percent milk solids-not-fat and not less than 3-1/4 percent milkfat. Milk may have been adjusted by separating part of the milkfat therefrom, or by adding thereto cream, concentrated milk, dry whole milk, skim milk, concentrated skim milk, or nonfat dry milk. Milk may be homogenized.

The following terms shall accompany the name of the food wherever it appears on the principal display panel or panels of the label, in letters not less than one-half the height of the letters used in such name:
1. If vitamins are added, the phrase "vitamin A " or "vitamin A added" or "vitamin D" or "vitamin D added," or .'vitamins A and D" or .'vitamins A and D added," as is appropriate. The word "vitamin" may be abbreviated "vit."
2. The word "ultra-pasteurized," if the food has been ultra-pasteurized.

The following terms may appear on the label:
1. The word "pasteurized," if the food has been pasteurized.
2. The word .'homogenized," if the food has been homogenized.

LABEL DECLARATION. When used in the food, each of the ingredients specified in paragraphs above of this section shall be declared on the label.

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