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The quality of chocolate varies depending on the quality of the beans, handling procedures and any additives. Cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla may be added as can other ingredients that decrease quality.

Many modern chocolatiers  have moved to increase the percentage of cocoa or chocolate liquor in their products.  The higher percentage, the less sugar and the more intense the chocolate flavor.

Some 99 percent and 100 percent exist but this level can be overpowering and the higher the level of chocolate liquor the more the shortcomings in quality are revealed.

Central and South American chocolate tends to be very fruity while the chocolate from west Africa (Ghana) is less fruity, smoky and earthy and therefore is used more in mass-production. Indonesian chocolate from Sumatra or Java ranks in between those of the Americas and Africa.

The focus on regions and growing areas is narrowing with chocolates designated as from specific regions within countries and single estates within regions. Some single estate chocolates are even vintage-dated.

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