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The steel is used to:

1. True the knife's edge by smoothing out the teeth left by the sharpening stone or by straightening the edge which may bend during normal usage.

2. Sharpen the blade. If a very hard material, such as ceramic, is used sharpening can be accomplished.

3. Realign the molecular structure of the metal knife blade and remove shavings which may be left from the sharpening process. This is accomplished by the use of magnetism in the steel.

To use the steel properly, it is important to maintain the same 20- to 25-degree angle of the blade to the steel as discussed in sharpening. Use a feather like stroke. If a grinding or slapping sound is heard, then too much pressure is being applied. No more than five strokes should be necessary on each side. As with sharpening, a few strokes often is preferred to many stokes at one time.

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